We’ve Moved!

Pardon our construction… We’re in the process of shifting our domain to another site. In the meantime, click the link below to see our new page! It’s pretty fancy…



And now, we have reached the end of our “little mystery…”

The Watson Diaries has concluded! This morning, we posted the final episode and took our final bows, so to speak. The credits rolled, the theme song played, and we thanked our supporters and turned our gaze forward…

to A Christmas Carol!

We are thrilled to be presenting a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at the White Church in Elbridge, NY, at 7:00pm, December 22nd. Tickets are only $10, all children under the age of ten are welcome to attend for free, and we so excited to be able to celebrate the season in this way with all our subscribers and supporters!

There’ll be a few familiar faces from “The Watson Diaries” performing, along with our Artistic and Associate Artistic Directors, Miranda and Brien Bianchi. A small cast of just eight actors will be playing over twenty parts! And there’ll be music. And cookies.

… You should probably definitely come.

We’ve also started a Patreon page, where our supporters and fans can contribute as little as one dollar a month to help the Underground keep producing plays and creative content year-round. We are working on achieving our non-profit status, and there are some fees involved in that that we’d love your help in. (It’d also be cool if we could throw our Artistic Director just a little bit of cash. Word has it that she likes coffee, and since she’s usually up pretty late working on Underground stuff after her “real job” is over, she could probably use some. Is “she” writing this right now? Maybe. So what.)

A quick note from our Artistic Director :

I am very proud that as of today, The Underground Players have officially completed a full year of continuous programming. For over twelve months, we have either been in production or pre-production on three separate projects, and that makes me incredibly happy. Over the past year we’ve assembled a beautiful team, full of beautiful people, and I’m getting to watch this little dream of ours grow and grow with each new person and project. I’d like to thank all of our supporters and every single member of our audience – whether you’ve seen a show in person five times, or whether you’ve watched a single youtube video – because we truly couldn’t do this without you. I am so excited to see what the next year will bring. I have some ideas – and I think you’re going to like them.


Miranda Bianchi
Artistic Director, The Underground Players


The Game’s Afoot!

The Watson Diaries is well underway. We’ve been rehearsing for two months, now, we have a full cast, and we’ve started a brand-new fundraising effort that’s already reached a quarter of our goal – in just 24 hours!

In just a few months, you’ll be able to watch our original series on Youtube, Facebook, or wherever you watch online video.

We’re pretty excited.

Here’s what else we’ve been working on :

We purchased our domain name!
Thanks to our supporters, we raised enough money to purchase

We started an Instagram account!

And we finally released the casting announcement for our lead actress, miss J Watson.

T.A. Campanella, our lead actress and the writer of The Watson Diaries!

We’ve accomplished so much in the past few weeks, but we could still use your help.

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to our GoFundMe page.
We have some awesome perks (ever wanted a character named after you? We can do that!), and your money goes to fund a great cause :

Creating fresh, innovative, original productions.
Supporting new writers and young artists.
Funding a show that is smart, funny, and feminist.

We are bringing The Watson Diaries to the world free of charge. All of our actors and creative crew have been generously volunteering their time and effort. Please, think about donating what you might otherwise consider paying for a ticket. Every little bit helps.

If you can’t donate – or even if you can! – please help us get the word about our GoFundMe, and about the show itself, by sharing our posts and website as much as possible.

Trust me, when your Facebook friends get hooked on our show this Summer, they’ll thank you.

And we thank you for your continued support.

Miranda Bianchi
Artistic Director, The Underground Players

A New Project !

TWD Holmes Watson graphic

I am very, very proud and very excited to announce that The Underground Players have taken on an awesome new project – in a completely new venue!

Up until now, our actors have worked primarily in conventional stage productions and interactive, improvisational theatre – and they rock both genres! We performed three amazing plays in two years, and then turned our focus for a bit to actor development and arts education. Our Artistic Director (that’s me) moved across the country to work in a very exciting theatre district (Houston!) and support her husband while he pursues his Master’s in Theatre History. We’re all a bit scattered at the moment, and none of us were sure what would happen to The Underground, until a friend of ours had a wonderful idea.

What if there were a way to act long-distance? What if I could direct from afar, and we could involve as many of our far-flung friends as we liked? We certainly have the technology (thanks, Google Hangouts!) but what would we produce? We couldn’t put on a play this way… We threw around ideas but nothing stuck. Not until our good friend and superbly-talented writer, Tarin Campanella, approached me with an idea she’d come up with months before, and couldn’t get out of her head.

Those ideas, I find, are often the best ideas.

She wanted to write a webseries. We had the actors, she’d provide the script. She wanted to stage it as if the main character were “vlogging” – no crazy equipment, just a decent webcam and a light rig – and publish it on Youtube for the public. Oh – and she wanted this main character to be John Watson, of Sherlock Holmes and Watson fame. And she wanted Watson to be a woman. (And Sherlock, too.)

The gender-flip takes mere minutes to become accustomed to. As you read Tarin’s script, nothing has fundamentally changed about the characters we’ve always known and loved – and that’s a great point, in this age of gender politics. The Underground is proud to say that we’re a bunch of feminists, and while the script is engaging, witty, and hilarious all on its own, we’re especially excited to be working with a primarily female production team and cast, and that our episodes pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

The Watson Diaries is a multi-platform, gender-flipped modern webseries adaptation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It’s quickly grown from a darling little brainchild to a full-fledged toddler – the kind you find yourself staring at, wondering “When did that little guy learn to RUN?” And we’re really proud. Production’s already begun – we’re in rehearsals now and looking to begin filming soon – and we are slated to begin publishing it online this Summer. Please, stay tuned. And thank you for supporting our work.

Read Throughs!

We have an exciting new project!

The Underground Players need you – yes, you – to join us for read-throughs of Shakespeare’s plays… online!

Have you read all of Shakespeare’s 33 plays?
… us, either.

Have you been looking for a way to get creative in a low-pressure, strictly fun, setting?
… us, too.

Do you have a laptop with a mic and a webcam?
Join us!

We’ll be doing roughly once-monthly read-throughs of the Bard’s works starting in February. Send us your e-mail address and we’ll sign you up for our newsletter – we’ll work out all the tech stuff in there.

Hope to see you soon!